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About Bird Vending

We're a bit reluctant to use the word Vending because we offer so much more than the traditional vending service. A new concept known as Micromarketing.

Bird Vending is a proud operator of Smart-N-Go, one of the optimal choices for providing fresh food and beverages in the workplace. Smart-N-Go is licensed by Avanti, the market leader in micromarkets, the inventor of the concept, and developer of the technology. Listed below are a few of the benfits of this new marketing:

Because we use our own coolers we are not limited to any one product line (Coke or Pepsi, for example), but we can carry anything you want.

In addition, we can provide customizable wood cabinetry upon request, in different colors.

So before you make any decisions, we invite you to come take a look at one of our markets and see the difference. You will quickly notice how much better our product is.